Disable oldness

Because age is a state of mind.

Disable certainty


“Now more than ever we need philosophers, especially skeptics like Socrates, Descartes, Thomas Kuhn and Nagel, who seek to prevent us from becoming trapped in the cave of our beliefs”. In spite of John Horgan’s choice (the first thing the name Descartes reminds me is not skepticism), there is little doubt: we desperately need skeptics because we are sorrounded by overceonfidents.

Disable certainty to enable skepticism, which is good for dialogue, respect and improvement.

Disable privacy

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Private means disable and it refers to the less interesting disability. The word itself highlights a disfunction: private comes from latin privus which says the lack of public. When you take the us off, all you reach is the self. But a self deprived of the us becomes immediately selfish. The selfish is an idiot, somebody who runs his own race without caring for the rest of the world, ending exactly nowhere. The word idiot comes from greek idion which talks about those private citizens who remain separate from the town, like a limb which has been artificially separated from the body. Citizenship comes from us, not from me. Life becomes a game worth playing only through that us – through the poor me life becomes useless, sad and fruitless.
“The default isn’t privacy. The default is community”, also when you’re working, as Yael Cohen says here.

Diable privacy to enable fun and effectiveness.

Disable overconfidence

If you’re a basketball fan you cannot ignore that Spike Lee is one of the more striking fan of the New York Knickerbockers. Last year something happened in New York City. A new basketball team landed in the Big Apple: the Brooklyn Nets. If you are a movies addicted you cannot ignore that Spike Lee devoted his entire career to tell about Brooklyn. In this video Spike weighs is love for Brooklyn and his loyalty to the Knicks. If we disable our overconfidence we could look into various possibilities and take the best choice between, for instance, love and loyalty.

Posted by Paolo Antonini

Disable omologation

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Finally someone gives us some evidences that differences are good and above all explain
us why. This research enlights the evidence that some human slangs cannot be translated. You can not change the name of an emotion, the one of a point of view, or the one of an experience. You can only try to understand them dialoguing with their creators. Differences are at the base of our learning process. So please leave us the possibility of misunderstanding.

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Disable full

Horror vacui is the trademark of our culture. We fill our cities with buildings, our houses with objects, our time with activities. The more we fill our agendas with tasks and meetings, the more we feel productive – the less we find room for our questions. When you spend your life filling up
all empty spaces, suddenly one day you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack


Disable full to enable opportunities.

Disable instructions

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It is like educating a kid. You can’t get along for all his life telling him what to do, he has to learn his own existential know how. To help him achieve this ultimate goal you have to let him go: self-organization does not come from external instructions.
On the road it is the same story, as Wired pointed out in 2004 and The City Fix claimed again in 2010.
“The counter-intuitive finding is that streets without traffic signals mean that cars drive more slowly and carefully because the rules of the road are ambiguous—there’s no red, green or yellow to tell drivers precisely what to do.”
And it’s not different within business-driven companies, where instruction allow people to anesthetize their willpower – as Seth Godin summarizes: “If you go to work and do what you’re told, the lack of initiative you demonstrate costs us all”.

Disable instructions to enable self, attention and willpower.