Disable usual time distribution


“When you’re 20, you would rather spend more time with your friends. When you’re 35, you want time with your kids. But then when you reach 70, you have far too much time on your hands.”

Even scientists are becoming aware of the irrationality provided by the factory-driven time allocation. This wise words come from Mr. James W. Vaupel who heads the new Max Planck Odense Center for the Biodemography of aging.
Current time distribution comes from the needs of XX century workshops, where Horse Power performances is all what the worker is asked and payed for. These Chaplin-like workers were perceived as animals to be exploited during the first two third of their life, and then left in the lonely and dark corner of the old age.
Why should our knowledge-based activities remain linked to this brutal model? Why sohuldn’t we retire from this absurd tradition in order to design a much better lifelong enjoyment?

Disable usal time distribution to enable the entire life path.

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