About the author

Leonardo Previ is a lifelong apprentice, involved in cultural entrepreneurship since 1996 (when he has found Trivioquadrivio) and in university teaching since 1989 (when he has held his first course in Milan Polytechnic). In 2003 he becames Lego Serious Play Certificate Facilitator and in 2005 Trivioquadrivio has been awarded as Lego Serious Play Best Partner World Wide. Since 2006, together with Trivioquadrivio’s colleagues, Leonardo has contributed to design a disruptive organizational training methodology, MAPPS, which is nowadays fully developed and patented. Currently Leonardo is mostly interested in systems thinking, organizational learning and draw-to-learn methodologies. As a result of these urgent interests he is traveling Italy wide with his motorbike to train managers to Aesthetic Intelligence, is working on the fifth edition of the Art for Business Forum and he is teaching Human Resource Management in Catholic University in Milan. Leonardo has written three books and he has been (and still is) passionate about a number of somebody else’s pages.

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