Disable revisionism

memoryPrisoner sleeping quarters, photograph by Zoriah.

Theodor W. Adorno’s popular “No poetry after Auschwitz” fortunately made its time. We not only kept poetry on our side but we also did it (and we’ll keep on doing it) with all the rest of cultural expressions – which is Adorno’s meaning for “poetry”. In front of Auschwitz, where literally the entire world stood terrorized 68 years ago, one may think culture is totally useless, but it is not. Culture is the only tool we can use to face the unintelligible sides of human beings, in spite of hideous culture’s ability to endlessly rebuild Auschwitz pre-requisites. Humans can generate evil; but humans can also understand evil in order to prevent it. We don’t belong to evil, as far as we can decide to defuse it.
It’s our duty not to skip this task: disable revisionism to enable culture.

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