Disable instructions

Schermata 2013-01-30 alle 09.26.51
It is like educating a kid. You can’t get along for all his life telling him what to do, he has to learn his own existential know how. To help him achieve this ultimate goal you have to let him go: self-organization does not come from external instructions.
On the road it is the same story, as Wired pointed out in 2004 and The City Fix claimed again in 2010.
“The counter-intuitive finding is that streets without traffic signals mean that cars drive more slowly and carefully because the rules of the road are ambiguous—there’s no red, green or yellow to tell drivers precisely what to do.”
And it’s not different within business-driven companies, where instruction allow people to anesthetize their willpower – as Seth Godin summarizes: “If you go to work and do what you’re told, the lack of initiative you demonstrate costs us all”.

Disable instructions to enable self, attention and willpower.

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