Disable reactivity

saul 1952(One of Saul Steinberg’s calendars)

We no more need the smart ones. Always high, always on, always ready, they can pick up the right choice without any hesitation. And they’ve been providing the wrong answer for years.
There is a beautiful italian word that smart guys ignore (you have to ignore almost anything to be always ready): lungimiranza. This word comes from two latin words, puts together the distance (longe) and the look (mirare) and highlights the relevance of a deep sight. Lungimiranza is linked with planning but provides more than plans. Lungimiranza keeps us closer to questions, forces us to wait, invites us to take our time, to shape the right time for the right move. In the meanwhile, probably, some smart people will have offered several immediate solutions, with a cool wink and an even cooler MBA-like statement. But real meanings and appropriate choices always come from lungimiranza.

Disable reactivity to enable sustainability.

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