Preparing the next trip

This is the very first Aistanomai trip:

(Here is the detailed map)

Actually it is not the first at all, since I’m 48 and I’ve already been out of town a couple of times. But this is going to be my the first Aesthetic Intelligence driven trip. I’ll collect traces, data, pictures, ideas, videos, insights, informations (not many) and, hopefully, knowledge. To raise all these materials I’ll use all my Aesthetic Intelligence tools:

  • a 1975 Moto Guzzi 750 S (arguably the most beautiful bike ever built);
  • a digital camera (not a special one);
  • a Livescribe set (electronic paper + smartpen);
  • an iPad (to send my notes and pictures to this website).

Also my dressing equipment is going to be important: the relationship with Genius Loci belongs to our whole presence, and the presence itself belongs to our choices.

Here is a standard picture of a Vanson Model A, which is my prototype of beauty in dressing:

As helmet I’ll wear a white Davida Jet – what else.

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