Hot spots

I’m heading to Tadworth, Surrey, 20 miles south of London. Mrs Linda and Mr John are waiting for me. My trip will start next Sunday, early morning, I can’t wait to be there. But I don’t only want to be there, I want to go there. That’s why I will not use any autoroute (if we’re allow not to consider the Eurotunnel an autoroute) and that’s why I’ve choose two stops full of Aesthetic Intelligence.

First one is Ronchamp, where I’ll meet Le Corbusier’s Notre Dame du Haut, one of the very few worthy modern churches. I’ve never been physically  there but since I hold a degree in architecture, it is going to be doubtless a meeting, a great place to test the circumstantial method.

The second stop  is Amiens, where I’ll find two other architecture totems: the gothic cathedral and the Tour Perret. For deeply different reasons these are two important spots on our Aesthetic Intelligence road map.

Once in Tadworth, and after a just amount of cups of tea and conversations, presumably on the green shores of Epsom Downs, I’ll spend one day in London. Well, the 750 S and me will spend it, looking for The Club 59, Ace Cafe, Lewis Leather, The Great Frog, The School of Life.

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