Disable privacy

Schermata 2013-02-03 alle 09.22.49

Private means disable and it refers to the less interesting disability. The word itself highlights a disfunction: private comes from latin privus which says the lack of public. When you take the us off, all you reach is the self. But a self deprived of the us becomes immediately selfish. The selfish is an idiot, somebody who runs his own race without caring for the rest of the world, ending exactly nowhere. The word idiot comes from greek idion which talks about those private citizens who remain separate from the town, like a limb which has been artificially separated from the body. Citizenship comes from us, not from me. Life becomes a game worth playing only through that us – through the poor me life becomes useless, sad and fruitless.
“The default isn’t privacy. The default is community”, also when you’re working, as Yael Cohen says here.

Diable privacy to enable fun and effectiveness.

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