Disable success


If we assume success is the opposite of failure we can blame our failures as the main obstacles on our road to achievements. Paradoxically, the only way to succeed is by failures: the popular path trial-error-learning has been so popular for 4.2 billions years and it ends to be the only path followed by life on earth in order to evolve. Life never succedes: life simply tries, experiments, uses errors to learn and mistakes to improve. Because it is not obsessed by success, life keeps succeeding – life never forgets that any success belongs to the past and is hooked on death. If we care about our own staying alive we shouldn’t care about success. Success and evolution are one the opposite of the other: we should disable the former to seek for the latter.
(This is what Theodora can whisper you if you pay particular attention to her for a sufficient amount of time. Theodora lives with her daughter in Paris, Jardin des Plants)

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