Day Five

I know it is only a park, an usual British park, normal and even trivial. But it is my park. I’ve been playing on this grass hundreds of times, for 7 consecutive years, every summer. And I’ve been watching cricket matches, without understanding a single cricket rule. I’ve been spending my time in this park and I’ve been growing up with these perceptions, these clouds, this flat space. Today I came back here alone 20 years after my latest solo visit. And nothing has changed, I still can hear the sound of the grass and taste of the sudden color changes in the sky.

Here I became aware of the relevance of emptiness and waiting but the way I live currently is right the opposite of emptiness and waiting. It has been very important to come back here and to be pushed back to this flow of perceptions. This reminds me how weak our intelligences would be without the Aesthetic one.

Tomorrow I’ll be back on the road, after this 3 days stop in my past which is suddenly my present again. And during my riding, while leaving Mrs Linda and Mr. John unequaled hospitality, it will be very easy to follow my leather jacket advise:



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