Change management


Change happens, often. As she came out of the garage, everything seemed perfect. Then a fuse pushed the change into the game. A single, small, stupid fuse.

The bike suddenly stopped, Antonio Farinazzo joined me 12 minutes after my phone call, with all his incomparable bike wisdom. “Hmmmm, it must be a fuse”. Yes, it was an insignificant fuse, but it was also the even less significant couple of levers that keep the fuse in its place – well, should keep it… Antonio’s “instant and made to measure” solution was fair enough to bring me back home. But the “accrocchio” would not work for a long time: to bring back all 750 S’ reliability we need a brand new fuse box,  and we we don’t have it, neither I have time to wait for it, the countdown is running and sunday morning I have to start the journey. The Stelvio is much newer (2011), much more comfortable, much more powerful (1200 cc), much more reliable, and it is still  a Moto Guzzi. But this is going to be a night of regret.

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