Disable hurry

“Never mistake activity for achievement” says John Wooden.

John Wooden is a man who sees the difference between hurry and purpose, but many managers don’t. Managers are always so busy, trying to look like someone who’s striving to getting things done. But things do not necessary like to be done. Despite manager’s hurry, things tend to go their own way. Disable hurry to enable achievement.
By the way, this is John Wooden (clipped from his TED):

Disable schools

XVIII Century utopia became XXI Century dystopia. School is a nightmare for millions of kids everyday, everywhere. Not only compulsory schooling is ineffective, above all it is dangerous. To enable human potential we better keep our children away from government teaching programs and illuminism-inspired universal education. This 6 minutes clip shows you why + a classic Sir Ken Robinson contribution.

Disable accounting

Numbers are so precise and so desolate. Quantities are undisputed, like death. Our culture loves numbers, worships quantities and venerates accountants. When we count we have to concentrate on numbers and focus on quantities: we have to ignore the rest, which sometimes can be quite interesting, like Cathy N. Davidson marvellously shows in her book:


Meanings belong exactly to the rest. Despite all reductionism’s illusions, there isn’t any embedded meaning in numbers except the ones we label on them.

To enable meaningfulness we have to disable accounting.

(The very beginning of Mrs. Davidson’s book is dedicated to a nice story about this basketball accounting)

Disable prejudice

Blind people can’t ride a car. Who says that?

(Thanks to Prof. Giampietro Gobo for the clip suggestion)

Disable possession (specially car possession)


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford’s popular statement is one hundred years old. What would people answer today? It seems Avis thinks personal mobility in the near future will no longer be linked to private ownership of a vehicle. Thus Avis a few days ago bought Zipcar, a car-sharing service that, Avis thinks, is worth half a billion dollars, as The Wall Street Journal reported here.

Disable car possession to enable sharing – otherwise it will not be possible anymore to drive a vehicle any farther than your garage.

Disable success


If we assume success is the opposite of failure we can blame our failures as the main obstacles on our road to achievements. Paradoxically, the only way to succeed is by failures: the popular path trial-error-learning has been so popular for 4.2 billions years and it ends to be the only path followed by life on earth in order to evolve. Life never succedes: life simply tries, experiments, uses errors to learn and mistakes to improve. Because it is not obsessed by success, life keeps succeeding – life never forgets that any success belongs to the past and is hooked on death. If we care about our own staying alive we shouldn’t care about success. Success and evolution are one the opposite of the other: we should disable the former to seek for the latter.
(This is what Theodora can whisper you if you pay particular attention to her for a sufficient amount of time. Theodora lives with her daughter in Paris, Jardin des Plants)

Disable employment

Why should we look for employment? Why should we reduce the complexity of work to the childish routines of hetero-designed jobs?

If you are looking for life, disable employment.